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Seattle pr agenices

I agree. Regardless of the quality of their relationships with the media, they can not work miracles. If you have nothing of interest, you can not expect your public relations firm to call in favors to get coverage. If your public relations firm has really good relationships with members of the media, they do not get to ask friends to publish information which would undermine their credibility. And do not ask every week when you hit your Tech Crunch.

Kris Bondi

I've seen the Tech Crunch question come up repeatedly. It's scary that I've even seen companies think it is part of their marketing strategy to drive sales. Something like this:

1) Get Tech Crunch to cover us
2) Others will think we are cool
3) Our sales increase

Of course, I've seen similar "strategies" around IPOs.

1) Go public
2) Our potential customers will now consider us "for real"
3) Our sales will increase to support the ramp rate we talked about in our IPO deck

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